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Roller-coaster ride (Essay Sample)


The paper required the writer to writer about the experiences their siblings faced during their immigration to the U.s. the writer discusses the mixed reactions their siblings faced during their immigration from India to the united States of America. Notwithstanding, the EXPERIENCEs resulted IN getting used to their new environment and and CULTURES.


Student’s Name
Roller-coaster ride
My sister Reena emigrated from Mumbai, India, to Edison, New Jersey, in 2015, during the winter. Her daughter was three years old then. As a research enthusiast, Reena felt that the U.S was the right place for her to further her skills in science and technology. 
Just like other immigrants, my sister's immigration from India to the U.S is a process characterized by mixed emotions. When she arrived together with her family, the transition process was so challenging. At times, she wished to move back to Mumbai. She complained of extreme cold during the winter, which made it very depressing for them to adapt to the different weather patterns. American culture, foods, and knowledge of the demographics were also a challenge to blend in.
Moreover, her home's extended distance to her workplace was a transport nightmare due to what she viewed as unaccommodating public transport. Her husband came to the country on a dependent visa, and he couldn't find a job for the first two years since most employers preferred American based experienced workers. This, as a res

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