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Reading Adult Outlet (Essay Sample)


It was a creative essay about minute details of how an adult outlet actually looks like.


Reading Adult Outlet
MARCH 17, 2020
Reading Adult Outlet
The project I chose to do is going to an adult sex shop near me in Reading, Pennsylvania. Its name is Reading adult outlet. Its open 24 hours. The reason I chose to do this is local to me. It is also more convenient due to my work schedule. I went into this store and went into a movie booth in the back of the store. The first thing I saw right outside of this place was hookahs, displayed by the front window. As one enters the shop, tobacco products are first things to catch attention. There is a half wall that separates the front end and the adult area. When one enters the adult side, one sees condoms on immediate left. And then checkout counters with products behind it like sex performance enhancers are placed. Different types of sex lubrications, etc. on the right wall and different types of sexy lingerie’s, toys such as dildos (all shapes and sizes), vibrators, swings, bondage items such as cuffs, ball gags, whips, etc. are placed. The whole shop comprises of different sections for male, female and couple sex toys. In the female category, one finds lubricants, vibration satisfiers, clitoral stimulating toys, butt plugs, suction pump dildos, love balls, mini silicone plugs, massagers, nipple, and clitoris sucking toys. For men, there are masturbators, cock rings, Anal toys, dildos, masturbating pumps, anal fantasy toys, lady fleshlights, and lubricants. For couples, these were mostly the same stuff. For all categories, there were bondage stuff like love cuffs, bondage kits, restraint kits, couture cuffs, and nipple clamp sets. A wide range of sex dolls for both men and women were available for each size and customization at varying prices. In the middle aisle, you will see all types of body part dolls for different sex positions or body parts such as mouths for blowjobs , vulva for vaginal intercourse, butthole for anal intercourse, and there are some that have both vulva and butthole for the preference of the user. Left of the aisle is different types of adult magazines. Then in the far-left wall is all types of adult movies. Separated by preferences such as lesbians, gays, pegging, anal, bondage, teens, blondes, etc. then there is another room in the back of the store which has Pennsylvania skill machines and movie booths. I noticed when I went inside in the back of the room, there were mostly men in there and I was amazed at this scene. While I was in the booth, I started to scroll through the channels and noticed that they had all types of movies like trans-sexual, gay, and different types of heterosexual sex movies. I heard guys getting blowjobs and even having sex in the booths. I interviewed a male who works there and he told me that reason he works is because it’s convenient since he doesn’t have a car and it’s a job that pays fine. He says he likes it because he gets along with his peers and boss. The worst part about his job is dealing with theft and cleaning up cum and other nasty things in the back. I did not know how to feel about going into this place because it was totally opposite to my expectations. I felt surprised that certain things were going on in the booth but it’s not the first time I’ve seen men having sex with each other. I had seen such scenes a long time ago. I had a detailed discussion with this male worker, and I asked him several questions very openly and without any hesitation. I asked about what age, group and genre mostly visited his shop. He answered that men, women, couples, homosexuals, heterosexuals, and trans-sexual all visited the shop at any time they liked. It was interesting to note that he compared adult boutiques and adult shops as similar to credit unions and banks where everyone came from all departments of life and peeps in on regular basis.
He told me how sometimes his job was testing at times because few people got tempted to use un-purchased items. Most people could not control their hands at adult shops, so it is good to remind them for discouraging use of hands while examining such items, and it was better to consult a sales officer if they need any information about varying products despite of practically using it in the store.
It was funny how this male worker narrated to me the fact that few customers drag themselves into pulling inaccurate information about a product only to impress a close friend or partner accompanying them. For example, unless or until you demand a yeast infection, baby oil does not serve the purpose of safe and secure lubricant for vagina. Similarly, a “ben wa balls” are made for vaginal pleasure and not for ass pleasure owing to the fact that the cervix obscures them to get lost in your internal systems.
Another exiting thing the guy told me was the fact that adult shops or adult shops are also not obligated to take back any returned products under any law. Some people complain after buying products that they did not make them cum for which they get an answer that it is up to their mind to get pleasure from such things at their discretion. For the same reason, sex toys that are operated by battery are tested by customers at the shop before they buy it to avoid future complaints. Some people get judgmental and insensitive towards sexual choices and preferences of others that they pass horrible comments, which can lead to a scene at the shop, but luckily security guys know their jobs well.
He helped me learn the fact that staff at a sex shop is not viewed respectfully at times, both for the work they do and the pay they get. People simply get strange when they jerk-off in the booths with one hand and use the other side for pointing fingers at the associated staff. Similarly, kids are not allowed to come to the adult shops. It is only for adults.
According to him, mainstream customers are usually ignorant of the products and services offered at adult shops and stores and the staff are the educators in there who explain each product’s benefits and disadvantages. For instance, illustrating the fact that heart attack is correlated to high usage of boner pills. An adult shop worker also becomes a therapist when he has to hear the troubles and miseries of n

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