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Porous and Buffered Personalities Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


My thoughts on POROUS AND BUFFERED PERSONALITIES using my own words Cite it and use a quote MLA


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Porous and Buffered Personalities
In A Secular Age, Charles Taylor describes two types of personalities—porous and buffered. A porous personality believes that their life depends on nature, outside elements, and powers beyond their physical reach, while a buffered personality views themselves as self-sufficient (Taylor 27). The latter believe they can take preventive measures such as going to the hospital when sick or working hard to succeed.
I find Taylor’s explanations relatable, and I belong to the porous personality type. I believe that a supernatural being controls my life. I believe in luck and that when I treat other people wrong, karma will return the favor. The world has become increasingly secular, and more people are developing a buffered personality. Perhaps science and education make them feel more knowledgeable and informed that they underestimate the supernaturalism. There are moments I have had my doubts about God, too, but thinking about his abundance and mercies on my life, I reckon He is significant. When I am sick, I pray, although I also realize the need to visit a hospital. Perhaps people should strike a balance between porous and buffered personalities. While they need to take care of themselves and remain confident during tough

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