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pros of pass/ Fail grading systems


T. Thompson
Dr. Gavin Schulz
14 May 2020
Pros of Pass/ Fail Grading System
Many medical schools across the US have recently undergone significant curriculum reforms often caught up in discussion associated with the grading system and on the dilemma of what is the best way to evaluate students effectively. Many schools, after careful observation of havoc brought about by the coronavirus pandemic, have also decided to offer a more lenient grading structure. For this reason, schools adopted binary grading systems such as pass/fail/ honors, or satisfactory/ unsatisfactory. However, conflicting thoughts have been raised about this grading system. The challengers claim that the pass/fail system's depiction of equal performance may be misleading as it limits the ability to recognize excelling students. On the other hand, those in support argue that it lessen students' anxiety, especially for those with a burden of a fatal hit on their scores. A close cross-examination of this topic, reveals that the pass/ fail/ honors grading system is by far the best, based on the following careful consideration explained below.

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