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The Main Reasons Why Endangered Species Need Protection Creative Essay (Essay Sample)


Argumentative essay on the The Main Reasons Why Endangered Species Need Protection; a 5 paragraph essay with an introduction, 3 body paragraphs and a conclusion


The Main Reasons Why Endangered Species Need Protection
Every animal and plant species serves a significant purpose towards the ecological and environmental sustenance of the earth. Unfortunately, many plant and animal species have gone extinct or face the risk of extinction from threats such as the spread of invasive species, deforestation, pollution, habitat loss, and indiscriminate hunting (The National Wildlife Federation). Losing even one species is ecologically devastating, considering the spiral effects of a single extinction on entire ecosystems. Since extinction is part of the natural order, one may wonder why resources should be spent in protecting animal and plant species, especially the endangered ones. The endangered species deserve protection because they extend various ecological, environmental, recreational, and economic benefits to humanity and their immediate natural ecosystems.
The main motivation to protect the endangered species is the need to maintain a healthy natural diversity. The millions of plant and animal species that inhabit the Planet Earth exist for a particular purpose, occupying an essential component of the natural ecosystem. They are all part of the biosphere, the complex but balanced network of plants and animals that comprise physical environments (U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service). Therefore, the extinction of any one species could affect other ecosystem members adversely by setting in motion a series of detrimental reactions on other species. The effect is bigger if the extinction relates to “keystone” species whose absence destabilizes essential ecological processes or causes fundamental changes in other species' composition.

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