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Measures to Combat Viruses and Conflicts (Essay Sample)


the aim of the task was to reveal measures that can be applied to curb covid-19


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Since nearly the whole world was hit by COVID-19 pandemic, there are many lessons that have been learnt. There are many measures that have been put to ensure safety of the human race. Although this is not the first time the world has undergone such a serious hit, there are lessons that can be learnt from the previous events that can be applied to combat the COVID-19. The lessons include measures that were taken during these serious events to curb the further spread of viruses and conflicts (resolutions). In 1918 the influenza virus had hit the world (Hamidi, 499). Additionally, in the period between 2002 and 2003 there was a SARS outbreak and measures were proposed such as social distancing, communication and worldwide collaboration to combat there spread. These previous measures have been as well applied as means that could minimize the further spread of COVID-19. These measures were put by the health fraternity and some world health organizations. During conflicts between countries, global collaborations or co-operations plays an integral part in conflict resolutions. For example the formation of the UN, ensures peace among its member states. The UN forces always take part in peacekeeping operations among its member states.
Social distancing was one of the measures taken for some viruses such as the 1918 flu, the same measures that have been applied to combat the spread of COVID-19 (Cowling et al., 46). Social distancing involves keeping 1 meter distance away from others since the virus can be easily spread by air. As some of symptoms of the virus include coughing, keeping distance reduces the risk of contracting the virus as people are far apart from each other. The virus can as well be spread through shaking of hands, sharing of drinks and many more events that bring people closer. Therefore, the health fraternity and the world health organization’s saw the need to apply the social distance measures such as canceling social public gatherings, closure of churches, bars, restaurants, and schools as well as isolating the victims of COVID-19 and quarantining the individuals they had contact with (Chen et al., 765). With these measures, further spread of these viruses was reduced as those who became victims were isolated from those who had not contacted the virus. Social distancing with the wearing of masks as well reduced the further spread as everyone could not risk contracting the viruses. Therefore, social distancing is a sure way of reducing the spread of COVID-19.
Other measures involve implementing constant communication with the public. This is where the health fraternity within every country and worldwide bodies that deal with health provides adequate information about ways on that can cause, symptoms, precautions, and how to react appropriately in an event of the virus attack (Aziz et al., 67). This can be done through the use of different media such as televisions, radios, newspapers, social media platforms and many more. When COVID-19 first existed, for some months the Chinese government denied its presence and people had to rely on rumors and text messages regarding the killer flu. Since the Chinese government was not reliable, it was hard to tackle the outbreak. As there was no adequate information provided by the Chinese government, the virus erupted as the citizens were unaware about the precautions. In the whole world, since COVID-19 hit the world, increase in provision of information regarding has reduced the number of victims as people became more aware on the means of contracting the virus, precautions and measures to be taken in the events when the virus hits. Therefore, communication is the best tool to inform the public of ways to contract the pandemic, precautions and measures to be taken to avoid further spread.
Finally, a coordinated worldwide efforts between countries, health care fraternities, researchers, NGO’s and international bodies is essential to tackle the current plague and events of conflicts (Irambona and Ornella, 89). The joint efforts can help by coming up with the best solutions to end the pandemic. With the help of the Red Cross, urgent measures can be taken and help victims of COVID-19 who needs urgent attentions. During the strike of the pandemic, most countries, researchers, health care personnel’, NGO’s and International organizations came with some measures to try curb the further spread of the virus. Researchers and scientists have tried to find the best cure for the vi

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