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Creative Writing: Some Action Would Produce More Happiness (Essay Sample)


A creative writing on if some action would produce more happiness

Philip Mutua
23rd January 2017
The Right Thing to Do
The question of right and wrong invokes many debates among many people. An act could be viewed to be the morally right thing to do but, upon evaluation, appear not ethical enough. As good as something may seem to do, and despite the many people that it may favour, there is no guarantee that the fact that it is makes people happy, and it is the right thing to do. This would provide room for the action to be a fallacy. A good example would be taking children to school. It is the right thing to take children to school, and it also follows that one cannot take the children to school without having paid for their tuition fees or provide them with the necessary materials. However, one should use the right means to get the money to take the child to school.
One cannot be a thief and justify himself as having done the right thing since he had to get money to take the child to school. On the contrary, what seems to him to have been the right course of action is not the right thing to do. Just because he made the child, and the society satisfied that he was a responsible father, stealing was not righ...
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