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Story About An Author Who Despises Blind People (Essay Sample)


This paper is a literature analysis of a STORY publication. The student was instructed to read the story and ANALYSE ITS content in 300 words. The story is about an author who DESPISES blind people. The reasoning of the author is that blind people DO NOT lead a normal life due to their disability. when the author is presented with an opportunity to spend time with rOBERT, HE APPRECIATES THE FACT THAT DISABILITY IS NOT INABILITY.


Discussion on Cathedral
Initially, the narrator is ignorant about blind people, but in the end, seems to get some perspective on what their experiences are like. The narrator did not think much of Robert and was not looking forward to interacting with him when he visited. He could not imagine that a blind person could lead a life that could be considered as normal, or how Robert could love someone he had never seen (Lungeli 107). The narrator holds very ignorant and shallow opinions about blind people, saying that he assumed that blind people never laughed and they had to always have black glasses on. He is surprised that Robert had a beard and could find his food on the plate (Lungeli 108). By the end of the story the narrator is changed by the perspective he gains from interacting with Robert, especially after they made the drawing of the Cathedral. Through this experience, he learns that looking inward gains deeper knowledge and that seeing does not only involve looking on the outside.
This story addresses the inward and outward ways of seeing. According to Lungeli (110), the narrator was convinced that he was better than Robert because he could see the world, but he never saw anything beyond what was on the surface. This explains his ignorance and the fact that he

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