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Bullying in schools Education Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


assessing effects and causes of bullying in schools


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Bullying in schools
Bullying, according to Smith et al. (102), is an act of deliberately hurting someone verbally, tangibly, or emotionally. Mistreatment includes pushing, hitting, or unwanted touching, mocking, and elimination of individuals from undertakings or sports sending frightening messages and hurtful gossips. A student may be humiliated because of being intimidates or intimidate by others, and it's vital to generate a harmless environment where they can share their opinions. Institutions have reliable procedures around bullying, including establishing bullying curricula. The paper focuses on elaborating bullying in institutions and their impacts on students.
In agreement with Salmivalli et al.,(311), students who are a target of bullying may feel embarrassed and look stressed because of their low self-esteem. They must understand that they are not the ones. When students are bullied, they should consider telling a trusted adult, tutor, or counselor. Students should be guided to stand up by themselves when bullied by ignoring those who bully them. Students should be confident and calm when telling intimidator to stay away from them.

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