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Early Childhood Education: My Professional Growth (Essay Sample)


This is essentially an individual essay about the early childhood education. it outlines the goals that i will achieve when dealing with young learners. it is important to have the goals to ensure that one is successful in their career. also, it looks at the approach that will address some of the challenges


Student’s Name
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Early Childhood Education
Professional growth is an essential aspect of my career, where I aim to increase my knowledge to achieve my career-related goals. The first way of continuing professional growth is advancing my education. I plan to enroll in a higher diploma to make sure that I am gaining enough experience required for my profession. The second way is joining a professional program (Schipper et al. 293). A professional program will give an opportunity to interact with other peers, share insights and acquire new skills. I will pay a membership fee so that I move together with my colleagues. The last way of continuing my professional growth is organizing my life. I will achieve this by creating a list with my priorities that I want to achieve.
I interact with children and families, and I am a role model who is always the best example to the young ones. Also, I am a learner when interacting with young children. We all participate in the learning process to motivate the children to learn more. I am at the same time a parent to such young children because I want them always to be comfortable when interacting with me. Specific resources that I can connect with families are homework for children and meetings.
I am highly confident that continuing my professional growth is the best idea. This exposes me t

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