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The Approach Cutting of Recess Time in Favor of More Learning Time (Essay Sample)


the task was about arguing if reducing breaktime for learners in favor of more learning time would be a good way of teaching. It had to be completed in four hours. the essay sought to test the writer's interpretation of the topic, research skills, paper formatting, correct citation, referencing works, formatting an essay in mla style, developing a thesis statement, articulating arguments, adherence to the required word count, time management, and concluding an essay.


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Cutting Recess in Favor of More Learning Time: The Right Approach?
Recess, also known as playtime, has been a core component of many school systems across the world. Through this approach, learners get to alternate class learning with break sessions during which they engage in various outdoor and field activities. Although the introduction of recess aimed at bolstering the quality of school life, some schools have opted to shun the practice in favor of more class learning time. Apparently, eliminating breaks and increasing learning time is not a good approach because it undermines the students’ social skills, physical fitness, mental health, and academic performance.
Recess benefits school-going children since it promotes their social skills. Zavacky and Shannon acknowledge that learners develop new social skills during outdoor activities (48). By interacting with their friends, the learners get to better understand the environment and the social character of their colleagues. The continued interactive sessions help the students to build new social skill bonds hence creating long-lasting relationships (Zavacky & Shannon 48). To this end, cutting recess and increasing learning time denies the learners the opportunity to develop socially, thus rendering them less conscious about their social environment.

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