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Economic And Development Of The Three Major Cities Of Texas (Essay Sample)


It is a mid-term essay on politics written on the basis of the given 3 article on a specific topic


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Economic and development of the three major cities of Texas
Texas is a United State city that has recorded a rapid structural and economic development in the recent years. The three pillars of Texas City new economy include innovation, entrepreneurship, and human capital. The metropolitan growth of the city is depicted in three diverse aspects which include per capita income, employment, and population growth. Texas has become the most competitive city with its town growing rapidly in all the three mentioned measures. The urban planning of Texas City aims at achieving development policies that will help in achieving overall economic competitiveness through an increase in local economic size and the benefits to the residents (Barkley and Dadensing 2010). The three major towns of Texas City that have depicted a distinct and rapid economic development are Dallas, Huston, and San Antonio. The cities have been experiencing diverse economic challenges making them immune to economic challenges. This paper, therefore, is a discussion that focuses on the distinct economic and developmental in the three major towns of Texas which include Dallas, Huston, and San Antonio.
The economic development of Texas City has highly been boosted by the three major towns which have fostered a growth rate in job opportunities, increased employment, and unemployment rate. In the past, an investor was relocating their businesses to other states like Lone Star State as they look for expansion due the economic climate that was not favorable for investment. The city has however created a friendly investment climate with low taxes, minimal economic regulations, tort reforms, policies addressing minimal wages and the introduced right-to-work law. Texas City is attractive to immigrants thus creating availability of jobs to the residents, improving the residents' lifestyle and reducing the cost of housing (Baker 2012). For instance, Huston has greatly benefited with the job growth in the manufacturing industry thus contributing to Texas City development.
Dallas town is an urban that supports in-town housing program. The program aims at improving the town area through reduction of congestion in downtown. Factors that contribute include the political philosophy that discourages downtown housing and the increasing population that may lead to overpopulation in the city area. The city discourages the creation of housing to create more space for offices and commercial grounds. The private partnership has enhanced the city development through resource allocation to private investors to enable them to provide affordable and accessible houses to the residents working within the town. The primary source of government revenue for facilitating housing to the residents is the tax collected from the businesses, and institutions. The government, however, offers tax incentives for in-town housing to reduce the cost of construction thus reducing the housing cost.
Texas City has embraced innovation as a core driver for economic growth and competitiveness through improvement of education in science and technology, engineering professionalism, research and economic development. The city has recorded a significant in the rate of employment in computer, science and engineering professionals as well as increased engineering graduates who assist in urban and economic planning. Increase in population in the major towns of Texas City like Huston, Dallas, and Las Antonio is an indication of improved health provision which raises the workforce and reduces resources allocated for medical purposes. Among the sectors that have been put into consideration in boosting the economy of Houston are health car

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