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Impact of Technology on Learning (Essay Sample)


I was assigned to Write an essay with no less than 550 words to formulate and create an outline. use mla easy style, and include a work cited page at the end of my essay.
question was, more and more often education takes place outside the classroom space, or alternatively changed and in turn changed learning? is technology making education easier? Is technology making learning more difficult? what skills do learners need today that they did not possess previously?
Use times new roman 12
insert harder and page number
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Impact of Technology On Learning.
Technology has revolutionized every aspect of human life, including education. The advancements in technology have undergone a significant transformation making the way education is delivered, received, and consumed so different from the traditional way people were used to (Bao. W,2020). These advancements have taken learning from the traditional classroom settings where blackboards and chalks were typically the materials used to learn, to virtual learning on the internet, the use of whiteboards, projectors, and electronic textbooks. This itself has predefined the whole aspect of learning and the concept of the use of technology in aid of education.
With the help of technology, education has become more accessible and convenient for students. With the rising of online sites that offer students with the

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