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Teaching 411-DR. Diane Ray Summary (Essay Sample)


write about geust speaker DR. Diane Ray, Teaching 411 (profession of teaching) and an attorney from
PAGE, who will discuss the topic of ethics in GA . Following the sessions, you will complete an assignment


Guest Speaker-Teaching 411
Student’s Name
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Teaching 411-DR. Diane Ray
Dr. Diane Ray explained the topic on the teaching profession extensively. She gave detailed information on how to become an outstanding teacher. Dr. Diane sensitized on several things which seemed quite significant judging from how she talked. Firstly, she spoke about the teaching profession as a career and a call; teaching 411 is vital for every tutor. It helps connect the learners and the teacher; it is a career that requires a lot of zeal and dedication. For example, she said that more than 30 percent of teachers leave the profession after five years. They take more than four years to master the profession and only take few days to retire or leave the profession for others.
The primary question in her talk was to find out the reasons behind early retirement. Dr. Diane has spent several decades in the teaching profession, and she is also a coach who tells with mastery the problems and benefits teaching profession. Most teachers expect a smooth run in the teaching profession, and that is why most of them get disappointed. The teaching profession requires extensive commitment because every student requires special attention.
Additionally, public schools operate differently from private schools, and this is the biggest challenge in Georgia. For example, teachers are not paid enough in respect to the amount of work they do, which demotivate them. Any worker who feels discouraged or with low working spirit has high chances of quitting the profession, which is the primary problem in Georgia and the USA in general. DR. Diane did not touch on legislations that should be put into place to ensure teachers are paid adequately. I was waiting for this point because teachers do incredible work in shaping the lives of the people. Notably, the pay grades for teachers are quite low; they are not paid enough. I was hoping Dr. Diane would touch on it since she is a leader with a lot of influence in Georgia and the department of education.
DR. Diane has a positive impact on the teaching profession because she gives the guidelines for becoming a compelling tutor. Teachers are vital entities in society, and I have noticed her influence on the Professional Association of Georgia Educators throughout the presentation. Her energy for education reform

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