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The system of pedagogy in the U.S Education Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


To undertake a critical analysis of System of Pedagogy in the U.S in the twenty-first century


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The System of Pedagogy in the U.S
With the rapid and consistent changes and the continuously developing complexities in the world’s endeavors has called for the continual shifts in the teaching paradigm and the education system. To ensure that students are maximally equipped to face the dynamics in the real world and effectively apply their knowledge in a productive functionality, the United States has adopted a growing awareness of the need for consistent changes and improvement in the education system (Bar-Yam, et al., 1). Most of the landmark changes in the system of pedagogy in the U.S have been witnessed mainly in the twenty-first century. This is the period which has been characterized by abundant incorporation of information technology in the teaching system. America, being a first growing economy with multicultural diversities, the need for consistent changes in the system of pedagogy to meet the environmental requirement cannot be gainsaid.
At the beginning of the twenty-first century, the education system in the United States, as well as many other developed countries, shifted from the traditional teacher-centered method to the contemporary student-centered method. This new method endeavored to shift the focus of instructing and teaching from the instructor to the student. This was believed to develop more independence and autonomy among learners. According to Steve A. Mayers “effectively use transformative pedagogy, including (1) creating a safe environment; (2) encouraging students to think about their experiences, beliefs, and biases; (3) using teaching strategies that promote student engagement and participation” (217). This was a transformative pedagogy where the students were given the opportunity to self-scrutinize by prompting their imaginations so as to enable them to connect their experiences with the learning concepts (Mayer 219). Other methods which have been adopted to improve learning efficacy are the use of case studies which enable students to relate academic content with practical issues.

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