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Why is Block Play Important for Preschoolers? (Essay Sample)


defining what block play is. identifying The benefits of block play including the outcomes and reasons why its crucial in helping children develop and acquire relevant skills. Use classroom textbook by Christenson, Ann Lea, and Jenny James on Building Bridges to Understanding in a Preschool Classroom, 2015 and one other source.


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Why is Block Play Important for Preschoolers?
As a learning process for preschoolers, block play involves open-ended play where children play with blocks with no set rules allowing them to be fully in control. This kind of play follows the design process that engineers use to incorporate science, technology, engineering, math (STEM), and language arts standards in suitable developmental ways. The approach, which is systematic, recursive, and creative, encourages critical thinking and collaboration, which are essential in problem-solving (Christenson and Jenny 27; Puglisi par.3). The children build and test solutions to real problems as they play using blocks and props, with teachers following the engineering design process as a guide to enhance their learning experience.
The benefits of block play include language development, problem-solving, spatial perception, increased attention

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