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Architectural engineering welcome flyer Engineering Essay (Essay Sample)


Provide a paragraph form overview (approximately 400 words or 1 single-spaced page) that seeks to identify the most important things for someone new to the field to know.
Arrange a fact sheet (word length is variable, plan for 1 single-spaced page) that lists concrete details about
the field that an aspiring scientist needs to know. Draw upon the parts of a discipline in planning and composing both pages of your flyer. The parts are as follows: object(s) of study, nomenclature, apparatuses, practices, funding, community, production, and reproduction. In preparing these reports I expect you to draw on at least 3 reference
works from your discipline (textbooks, style manuals, professional websites, etc.)


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Professor’s Name
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The overall commitment of the university is ensuring detailed learning quality for the students while upholding the highest integrity of every academic program. Architectural engineering is inclusive of this commitment. According to Kim, architectural engineers are entrusted with building projects that are of effects to the production, health and safety, and comfort of the public.
Architectural engineering is about designing and structuring places that will last for the longest time without costing the earth (University of Texas). It is more of aiming building a more sustainable and livable world. The course is focused on liberal arts such as English, mathematics and history.
This is one of the major fully accredited professional programs in the country. The program entails a number of courses and electives throughout the five years to graduate. Design courses are also mandatory as it details a student with a general design experience (University of Kansas). The course will cover simulated design projects, construction, business and architectural designs emerging technologies in the building and construction designs (University of Kansas). Students will be taught on how to design cooling, heating, electrical and plumbing systems in buildings, with a large percentage of the course work focusing on structural designs, materials of construction, construction management, illumination and electrical systems, acoustics, fire protection and sustainability. In application for the program students are required to have previously taken classes in physics, geometry, calculus and chemistry with computer aided drafting being of essence too.

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