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Perform An Ethical Analysis Based On An Article Provided (Essay Sample)


perform an ethical analysis based on an article provided. include 2 sources to support your argument.


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Ethical Analysis
The Engineering profession, just like any other profession, has its codes of ethics which governs how they should behave in certain circumstances. Perhaps one of the most notable code when it comes to the practice of engineering is conflict of interest (Greene 36). Based on this, it was previously considered that engineers shall not take part in projects that there was any conflict of interest. In fact, the code of ethics forbade engineers from taking part in such projects and they were to remove themselves from such cases. However, this code was later reviewed under the fact that engineers cannot practice without coming across conflict of interest. They were required to disclose all known conflicts of interest to their clients and employers (Greene 36).
In this case, Engineer A, who had previously worked for a manufacturing company named ABC, was engaged with attorney X in a case against her former employer ABC with an unrelated matter to the previous job that was done. She later again provided services to ABC manufacturing after this case. This is considered unethical and acting inappropriately on the part of the engineer. However, this conflict of interest does not meet the level prescribed in code of ethics. In fact, while engineers are supposed to have the interest of their clients first they are not obligated to be completely loyal to them meaning that they can take a stand against their former client (Greene 20)
The expectation that engineer A should be absolutely loyal to former clients or employers means that her independence in the engineering profession is compromised. The previous work that she did does not relate in any way to the case that her former clients are currently in. She therefore had the choice of making professional decisions based on her judgement of technical and profes

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