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Taguchi Process And Six Sigma Designs Engineering Assignment (Essay Sample)


1. The Taguchi Process: Should Taguchi methods be adopted for services? Why?/not? Give a possible example of an application in services.
2. Six Sigma: Which industries are best suited for six-sigma designs? Which are least suited

The Taguchi Process and its Impact on Services
The Taguchi process gives a step by step method by which various parameters are optimized with respect to performance quality and cost. The design quality is improved by enriching quality and productivity in various organization performances. During the early years, the method was mainly used in manufacturing and production industries and rarely in service processes. However, as the years advanced Taguchi’s method started being used in the service sector, especially the health sector. Holcomb discovered the application of the Taguchi approach of robust design in the service sector in 1994 (Mishra). The method was used to design logistic services, and this was facilitated by the use of Taguchi’s inner and outer orthogonal arrays and signals to noise ratio.
Research carried out in (Anthony), shows how Taguchi’s method can be utilized in the medical industry. The quadratic loss of function was incorporated into the performance and design parameters of medical applications. The results indicate that when a patient need is continuously met, the reduced losses will heighten the patent’s satisfaction.
Taguchi method is also useful when improving the quality of medical images. S/N measure the functioning of medical imaging equipment. Data from a database of 82 thoracic computed tomography (CT) scans were collected and the S/N ratios calculated. The method is used in designing robust and accurate medical systems as it reduces observer biases.
Six Sigma
Six Sigma is an approach that aims to improve a product or service on the basis of quality. It helps to decrease disparities in the production and business processes. It does not reduce variation in general but, instead focusses on the features that customers find attractive and important. It usually offers large, small and medium-sized companies the same benefits. A company that has the Six Sigma quality levels has a relatively reduced cost of quality thus, such companies are able to use its resources in revenue generation. The deployment in either small or large company requires similar strategies. However, the Six Sigma approach is more suitable for large organizations as compared to small or medium-sized organizations.
One of the reasons is because, in this approach, employees are usually overworked. Therefore, for smaller companies that are generally characterized by flatter organizational str...
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