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Green Building: Employing Friendly Environment Processes (Essay Sample)


the task that was given was to write a research paper about the effects and management of the habitat. the sample was about safeguarding natural habitat.


Green Building
As termed in a context that's easily understood by everyone, it employing processes that are friendly to the environment. These processes, when applied are very efficient especially for the surrounding (Joan, 1999). The perfect green building is a venture that would permit you to safeguard the majority of the natural habitat around the enterprise and the environment as a whole, while as yet having the capacity to deliver a project that will serve a purpose. The development and operation will advance a substantial domain for everyone, the environment included.
The implications that the product may have on the environment are way much bigger than the claims of trying to protect nature. For any product produced and manufactured, it takes several processes. During these operations, a lot of energy is being used, and since most of the energy used doesn't support green building, the whole surrounding ends up contaminated by polluted air and water to drink (Joan, 1999).
Among others, there are the business implications for the organization. With the guidelines stipulated by the OSHA or other agencies which are very radical towards maintaining the green building, a venture may be threatened if there is no strict adherence to the regulations of keeping the environment clean. Some of the products also are so toxic to the environment leading to more environment

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