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Apple Company: Strategies, Products, Services Marketing And Promotion (Essay Sample)


The essay was about the strategies that the apple company is using so that it can maintain its profits and some of the problems that are faced by the company.

Student’s Name Professor’s Name Course Date Apple company Products, Services Marketing and Promotion The production of the iPod in the year 2001 and the online music app the iTunes made the music industry to revolutionize and this helped the company to gain numerous profit. This helped to revolutionize music to digital music. These to inventions enabled the customers to purchase music via the internet. The apple company was also responsible for ushering the new era of the smartphones and the tablet computers. Over many years’ apple has been able to produce many products namely MacBook, iPod, iPad, iwatch among many other products. All these products have been accepted by the target market and this has enabled the company to make numerous profits. One main strategy that the apple company use is to improve the products the products that it already has. The apple company also introduced the apple pay and this has enabled most of its customers to pay for any purchases. The apple pay accepts both the credit and the debit across almost all the card networks and it also supports the reward programs. In the year 2017 apple reported to have sold 49 million iPhone and this generated $33 billion revenue. The products that the apple company has been producing have revolutionized over a long period of time and this has led to the company’s success (Palea and Vera,634). Problems faced by apple company Most of the customers are no longer excited about the products especially the laptops that are produced by the company. For example, the iPhone 7 was once the best smartphone that was available. This is because it had better graphics and a very fast processor. The customers are no longer interested in this features because other companies are producing smartphones that are similar to the iPhone 7. Other products like the apple watch have not gained popularity in some parts of the world. Therefore, the company has been able to record very minimal sales. Most of the products from the apple company are expensive and this makes most of the customers not to afford some of the products. The main problem facing apple company is that the price of the products increases while the value of the product, reliability and the quality are the same since 2013(Skiba and Marta, 188). Pricing, Market Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning Apple company is one of the companies that has been successful. This is because all the brands they produce are accepted by the customers. From the year 2004 to 2014 the company experienced a high revenue growth from $7 billion to $180 billion. Segmentation most of the time involves dividing the population and analyzing which product can be accepted by that part of the population. Apple usually uses the mono-segment type of the positioning to target its customers. Apple target market usually involves the customers who are willing to pay extra in order to get a certain product. The market segmentation of...
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