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Article Review (Essay Sample)


ESSAY: MLA Format (2-3 pages)
Read Dr. Travis Bradberry’s “5 Choices You’ll Regret Forever” and make a two or three-page reflection focusing on the following process questions:
(1.) What does the author try to convey in the article?
(2.) How is this statement relevant to the text? "I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions." –Stephen Covey
(3.) What were the choices you made in life that seem so regretful?
ADDITIONAL REMINDERS: Refer to the MLA formatting guidelines and be reminded about the number of pages to accomplish (minimum of 2 pages, maximum of 3 pages), and the number of sources to use (2 sources) in writing the essay.


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A Review of Dr. Bradberry’s Five Decisions People Regret Forever Article
People sometimes make choices that can have long-term consequences. These decisions are typically made daily without knowing that they require concentration and a clear-headed outlook (Bradberry). Consequently, it is essential to approach such decisions with the utmost care, as suggested by Dr. Bradberry in the article on five decisions influencing choices made in life. This essay reflects on findings by Dr. Travis Bradberry regarding some of the decisions people regret for the rest of their lives.
Thematically, the article by Dr. Travis Bradberry highlights the powerful impact of the decisions people make, discussing five choices that people often come to regret in their eternity. The author emphasizes the importance of being mindful of the choices and the potential lifetime effects because some can have long-term repercussions. The author focuses on those choices that can evoke remorseful emotions regarding individual accomplishments, development, and satisfaction, as well as those that directly affect immediate loved ones. For instance, the author notes that people are habitually confronted with various options in life and usually arrive at decisions depending on their encounters and knowledge, with comparatively limited input from external sources (Bradberry). Therefore, it is essential to concentrate on the right people and take sufficient time before making a choice. Similarly, it is advisable to maintain a perceptive attitude when hearing from introspective people who are not outspoken but still contribute an external viewpoint.
Subsequently, the arguments of Bradberry elucidate how choices can profoundly impact the existence of an individual. As such, it can be challenging to comprehend different perspectives, counsels, and instructions, especially when suggested by other people with divergent goals (Kumar 2). While some decisions may be insignificant, others could have significant implications (Bradberry). For example, while referring to a quote by Steven Covey regarding how individual choices influence people unlike their situations, the author demonstrates how people may attribute their troubles to their circumstances when, in fact, it is generally the selections they make that are the real impediments (qtd. in Bradberry). By utilizing the phrase, the author encourages people to modify their perspectives and concentrate on issues that do not affect them directly to confront more hardships.
Ultimately, the arguments of Bradberry sheds light on how decisions shape lifestyles. Thus, while some decisions may be inconsequential, others may be consequential with long-lasting effects that if someone is careless when making a choice, the consequences of a misstep could be devastating (Bradberry). This article emphasizes the complexity of the decision-making process and advises against rushed decisions. Additionally, the author recommends considering the mental and physical being of other people before deciding because ignoring the well-being of others may result in making poor choices. In a similar context, Kumar emphasizes the need for prudence in decision-making to avert the possibility of choosing the wrong option (Kumar 10). Subsequently, the author suggests that physical and mental fatigue can impair the ability to make judgments, leading to a reduction in accuracy and a greater risk of making the wrong choices. It is, thus, essential to be judicious when making decisions and contemplate the potential future ramifications of each decision.
Through personal experience and the perspectives highlighted

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