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Avalon: Generations and American Culture (Essay Sample)


Immigrants to United States face a variety of challenges, conflicts and choices. In this movie trace the plights of the Krinschsky family, generations and relatives in Baltimore, MD. Analyze their journey as immigrants in the land of opportunity, the \"nation of immigrants,\" America. Identify the causes and effects of immigration as presented in the movie, and evaluate the movie\'s message(s) about this diversified social issue.The paper is focused on these two themes:Generations and American culture.

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Avalon: Generations and American Culture
Essentially the movie “Avalon” (2000) depicts the lives of the Krinschsky family through out its four generations. The first generation of this Jewish family first immigrates to Baltimore where they seek to the American dream. The major cause of immigration as depicted in the movies is poverty, where the immigrants seek for greener pastures. They want to achieve their ‘American dreams’ that will enable them to prosper. Poverty as the major cause of immigration is exemplified by the fact that the first generation of the Jewish family does not move into America at one time. Sam Krinchinsky has to be the last member of the family to join the others in Baltimore because he depends on his brothers, who are waiting for him, to cater for his emigration. This also shows that the first generation has close links with each other. They support one another financially and ensure for the prosperity of them all. This is the reason they endeavor to bring all their family members to ‘Avalon.’ This is in contrary to the second generation who individually seek for their own prosperity without caring much about the other families. For instance, Jules (Krinchinsky’s son) refuses to be a manual laborer like his father. Instead, he chooses to be a salesman, doing door-to-door selling while caring less about family values of union. The power of unity is however illustrated when eventually Jules teams up with cousin Izzy and start a TV store in Baltimore. In this second generation, the ties with the extended family seem to slowly die off. Despite the success of Jules, we see a strong relationship with his wife and children and his parents. However, there relationship with the extended family grows weaker.
This multigenerational cast and conflict originate from the contact of the Jewish culture and the American culture. The movie “Avalon” (2000) depicts not only the impact of the American culture in the Jewish family but also the impact of technology in all the cultures. For Instance, the first generation cousins, Jules and Izzy have Americanized their names by shortening them. The social and familial culture of the Krinschsky family is diluted by the American culture especial the by technology, capitalistic ideas and commercialism. The technological aspect is depicted by the introduction of the TV which completely alters the family ways and values. For example, in one scene, we see the family abruptly leave the dinner table to watch a commercial on the TV. In addition, when Sam moved to reside in the old folk’s home, Michael (his grandson) and a great-grandson visit him, great-grandson seemed glued to the TV and less interested to Sam&rsq...
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