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Thomas Paines Writings the American and Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence Review (Essay Sample)


The essay was a review of Thomas Paine’s Writings the American and Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence.

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Thomas Paine’s Writings the American and Common Sense and the Declaration of Independence Review
Paine’s political pamphlet known as the "Common Sense" published in the year 1776 is a remarkable illustration of a phenomenon art of written propaganda. This is because, as propaganda, the piece championed for American independence and the creation of a union of American colonies. It immensely influenced the colonists to pursue both of these factors during the revolutionary war. The publication managed to convince the majority of colonists who hoped for peaceful talks with England, to resolve to revolution. In his publication, Paine pointed out that the colonists had a mission of greatness, which was to rebel against "a violent abuse of power”.
Shooting had started in Lexington and Concord in April of the year 1775 CITATION Ric13 \l 1033 (Brainard). However, for months nothing had been done in order to break away from the grasp of England. When Paine’s publication ‘Common Sense’ was released on the 10th of January year 1776, it created an electrifying effect on the American society. It made the congress make a resolve of breaking away from England and in turn drafted the Declaration of Independence on July 4th of the same year. To advance its essence of being propaganda, Paine’s ‘Common Sense’ detailed the numerous advantages which the colonists could obtain from their mother country after independence.
The declaration of independence is also a piece of propaganda which created a substantial impact on the United States of America’s people in the late 17th century. Although it was not written primarily to signify a declaration of independence in America, it explained what the Congress had passed on 2, July year 1776. However, throughout the 18th century, it was largely viewed as a pronouncement of the detachment of the U.S. from Great Britain. To my opinion, the Declaration is a remarkable depiction of how England treated the United States of America. It also rallied colonists in convincing foreign countries to aid United States of America, in their fight for freedom.
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