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Blade Runner (1982) Movie Review 3 Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


Assess and evaluate the film from the perspective of: (Select at least three of the following.) • performance of its genre (e.g., science fiction, historical drama) • narration /scriptwriting/ dramatic intensity • sociocultural / sociopolitical significance • philosophical / spiritual dimensions • cinematography • use of sound / music/ silence / poetry • acting / psychological development of the characters • special topics • award stars (e.g., 3 out of 4, or 4 out of 5) Include a very brief plot summary. Research is required for this writing project. Find and read two interesting film reviews by published reviewers, and dialogue with these reviewers in your own critique, “contextualizing” your citation and using MLA citation format. As with all writing for this course, create a very focused thesis, main idea, or key concept, and support it with a well developed analysis. Please focus on a strong introduction with a strong thesis, and logically link the topics of the review with strong transitions. Thank you!


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Blade Runner Movie Review
The movie Blade Runner is a science fiction film that was produced and directed by Ridley Scott in 1982. In the film, genetically engineered human beings (commonly known as replicants) are produced by Tyrell Corporation, a private company belonging to Eldon Tyrell. The science fiction creatures are physically similar to adult human beings, but their mental ability is modified with artificial memory and lack of emotions (Scott). From the setting of the movie, the use of these beings is strictly prohibited on earth, but they are exclusively used to accomplish difficult and risky unskilled work on outside world colonies. In Los Angeles, where this movie is set, the replicants, who disobey the ban and come back to the earth, are hunted down and killed by a special police force that is also called blade runners. The film focuses on a group of six genetically engineered humans who have recently escaped and are hiding in Los Angeles. An expert blade runner called Rick Deckard reluctantly takes on the assignment to hunt these creatures down, having been instructed to do so by his boss.

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