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Research Assignment on The Cities Architecture of Future (Essay Sample)


I want you to do a research about How cities architecture will be in the future?

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The Cities Architecture of Future
By definition, a city architecture involves the design and orientation of different structures. Currently, the knowledge in architecture allows people not only construct such beautiful cities as New York, Paris, Dubai and London but also enhance them (Rassia and Pardalos 19). The presentation of the city is an important matter of consideration among many architects. While scholars hold that the cities architecture is one of the greatest inventions of mankind, the question of how it will look like in future remains a force to reckon with. Urbanization presents one of the complex and most pressing issues of the 21st century. One such concern is the threat to the sustainability of Earth’s environment and the increasing population of urban dwellers, which necessitates the complex nature of the modern cities. Therefore, there is a need to determine how modern cities will look like in future to determine their possible features and possible types.
Modern Cities
In the past century, the model of cities signified economic power. The ability to develop infrastructure, network and knowledge concentrated around authority which was based on the economic, cultural, political and technological aspects that control the society. Towns of that ages were more than buildings, infrastructure, and roads since they were mainly constructed to satisfy the dwellers’ needs. Thus, the traditional role of the citizens has been evolving to simple ways of utilizing the available city spaces for entertainment, resting, and work. Consequently, a lot of useful spaces have been wasted while implementing the old architectural practices when constructing cities. The future cities architecture is being designed to make use of the remaining small spaces as well as exploiting the dreaded yet exploitable spaces. Furthermore, they are built to withstand the current changes in the climate which have adversely affected the cities which were built in the past.
Currently, the modern cities experience crises due to numerous political and economic factors. For instance, network systems allow the dissemination of information everywhere. In effect, people are able to successfully accomplish their jobs from home through internet enabled computers. Thus, libraries, schools, and working environment need to be reconfigured to meet the future needs of the citizen. The transport system of modern cities is also evolving. It concentrates on minimization of fossil fuel use. Therefore, the public must be part and parcel of the creation of future cities architecture to facilitate their development. Essentially, citizens will change from being consumers of the city to their producers.
Cities in Future
It is interesting to think on how the future cities will look like. Since the population of the world is estimated to grow rapidly, it is anticipated that the increase will encompass countries undergoing rapid development such as China and India (Rassia and Pardalos 15). Furthermore, the major climatic changes which have occurred has played a...
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