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Creating Positive Peer Relationships in the Classroom (Essay Sample)


List 3 evidence-based intervention strategies designed to improve peer-to-peer relationships, and discuss how you can incorporate these strategies into your current or future classroom.


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Peer-Peer Relationships Intervention Strategies
Encouraging positive peer-peer relationships has been linked to an increase in academic performance among students. More so, parents and teachers are usually advised to enhance good peer relationships since it encourages a healthy learning environment for the students. Studies have also shown that healthy peer relationships have the capability of enhancing development for children. More so, social relations with peers has been linked to an increase in life success since these interactions are later applicable after school (Miller, 78). In the classroom environment, encouraging positive peer-peer relationships has been proved to be effective in performance improvement and reduction of bullying among students. Bullying is among the main results of poor peer-peer relationships. Teachers and parents should, therefore, create classrooms that encourage good relationships among students.
Conflicts among peers are among the leading causes of poor peer-peer relationships. 

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