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The Cry Baby Bridge Folklore Analysis (Essay Sample)


folklore is part and parcel of the American history. choose between the examples given below and give an intricate discussion of the folklore and some of its hidden meanings. Give particular attention to the historical period of the folklore. Consider if the story is based on historical facts or legends in your discussion.


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The Cry Baby Bridge Folklore
Folklore is a tradition or myth related to a particular place or people. It is essential to note that such a story might not be true and might be passed down from one generation to the other. The Cry Baby Bridge is based on a bridge and thrives on the fact that fear is often primal of human instincts. Many individuals actively pursue fear and thus some holidays like Halloween. The story is based on a bridge that was built by a farmer. The individual who builds the bridge heard the sounds of a baby crying around the area asking for help. The original bridge build in the location was wooden and it survived for more than 75 years. Although the bridge was later replaced by steel, the story has survived for generations thanks to Halloween and college students.
There are several legends regarding the Cry Baby Bridge, one of the most common is that a single mother, who with the fear of being ridiculed for being single threw her baby down the bridge and that is why people hearing baby cry while they passed the same location. Secondly, there is a story about an elementary school bus that was carrying children veering off and killing all the children on the bridge (Constantine 384). Finally, the third and most horrifying one is that a group of teens hit an individual that was fishing in the area. In the final legend about the bridge, it is claimed that an image of the individual keeps appearing in the same location at night (Constantine 384). It is essential to note that some folklore might have historical significance. However, one should note that some folklore is based on myths.
Whether the story is based on historical facts or legends is an intricate question. However, it is essential to note that the Cry Baby Bridge is not at the location where the initial bridge was situated. The initial bridge was made of wood and was meant to connect two fields that belonged to one farmer (Fernández‐Llamazares 57). However, after 75 years, the bridge was totaled and a steel one replaced the original. It is, therefore, less likely that there is historical significance to the stories about why it is called the Cry Baby Bridge. Furthermore, the fact that three stories are explaining the origin of the bridge makes it less likely to have a historical significance (Fernández‐Llamazares 58). It is essential to note that no material has recorded the events that happened at the Cry Baby Bridge as the folklore tells. In retrospect the purpose of the story

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