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Describe The Danger Of Illicit Drugs In Our Locality (Essay Sample)


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The danger of illicit drugs in our locality.
There have been so many cases of use of illicit brews in our village. It has been to the increase over several years consecutively .The illicit brew started as a traditional drink of different tribes and was used during important occasions by the different tribes that live in the locality. In these generation things have changed and it has come to be the order of the day in the way the people here live. Before this illicit brew that is modern came to be, the people before used to make it using natural herbs, grains and fruits, by fermenting them unlike these days they are just cooked anyhow producing poisonous drink. This will see to it that we have bad effects. This illicit brew will see to it that we lose lives and our future .something really needs to be done about the situation.
This illicit drug came into existence after we had the villagers who brew the liquor found a new way to make it ferment quickly. This included the use of a drug that was not goes at all. The chemical is the major component that is making people get drunk immediately and with great effects. The drug is also making people get addicted to the liquor quickly at a rate which can be regarded as lethal to human beings. This drug is a component that makes the liquor a threat to our community as it has become famous, being used by people of different creed and beliefs, as once they get the effects, there is no going back in any way. This is the main reason why the drug should be done away with, as it is in fact illicit.
Many people have been affected either directly or indirectly buy this brew. Students who are using it are poor performers in their academics and co-curricular activities. They miss school and sneak away from their dormitories leading to indiscipline to schools. Some have been said to be ...
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