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Darkness and Despair Portrayed in the Story "Odor of Chrysanthemums" (Essay Sample)


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Odor of Chrysanthemums
Authored in 1909 by Englishman David Lawrence, Odor of Chrysanthemums is a profoundly deep story that speaks volumes about its time. The story was published in 1911 in the primitive industrial parts of England. It was set in a coal mining community just before the first world war. The story perfectly depicts the poor living conditions that miners and their families had to endure as they braved through life. The story’s protagonist is Elizabeth Bates, a housewife married to a drunk miner but struggles to keep her family together with every will and might she can muster. This reflective review aims to explore and provide a profound and in-depth commentary on the darkness and despair portrayed in the story.
Elizabeth Bates is a strong woman. Her marriage to Walter Bates is troubled, but she seems deeply resigned to her

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