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How Homer Wants the Audience to View Odysseus as a Leader (Essay Sample)


THE TASK INVOLVED READING A SHORT STORY (THE ODYSSEY) And analysing the intentions of the author towards the protagonist in the story. By analysing the author's intention, this meant that i was to analyse how the author wants the audience to view the protagonist as a leader and the important roles he plays in the story.


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How Homer Want the Audience to View Odysseus as a Leader
While the Odyssey highlights the story of a hero who confronts several antagonists, it also depicts the kind of leader he is during these encounters. Based on the story, the author reveals the literary struggles the protagonists face with the main conflict being a "man versus society" conflict. These tragedies reveal Odysseus's true nature and character as a leader and the strategic channels he uses to overcome them.
First, Homer brings out the deliberative and strong nature of Odysseus as a leader by exercising the pain to demonstrate how he contemplates every decision and every peril associated with it. In a theatrical depiction and narrative records of inward deliberation, Odysseus displays the operation of the human mind through his sound intellect characterized by predicting consequences and consequently managing his actions. Once Odysseus's hope of embarking home as a king, father, and husband is refreshed on Calypso's (immortal goddess who takes Odysseus captive for seven years) island, Odysseus displays a constant determination to focus on this mission and lessens other motives to it. At this point, his remarkable skill is now entirely engaged in a slowly emerging strategy as he ponders back from that final goal through a web of means to accomplish it. He relies on "clues"; reasoning in the form of, "if this, then that" with his intelligence's nature being thematically highlighted through difference with others' recklessness, that is failure to notice clues or evaluate consequences. This is evident where Odysseus and his crew pass through the Siren's Island on their home journey to Ithaca after the Trojan war. Odysseus orders his sailors to drip wax into their ears so that they are completely deafened for the span of the stretch to

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