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Does The World Need Superheroes? Superman, Batman And Spider-Man (Essay Sample)


Does the world need superheroes?

Student's name Lecturer's name Subject of study Date Does the World Need Superheroes? Superheroes are individuals with supernatural abilities, whose main role in any given society is usually to combat evil and ensure that justice is served. Examples of popular superheroes in the world are the Marvel Comics superheroes who include: Superman, Batman, and Spider-Man. Real-life superheroes will play a very crucial role in making the world a better place. Superheroes will assist the police in fighting crime. They will ensure that perpetrators of crimes are apprehended and jailed. The weak, underprivileged, and vulnerable in the society will have people they can always count on. Additionally, in incidents of natural catastrophes- which are an act of God- for example hurricanes and earthquakes, superheroes can help in rescue missions as most of them are strong and able to fly; and are thus faster compared to normal people. Moreover, because superheroes are usually very intelligent individuals they can offer advice to world leaders, pertaining to the best ways of solving Gordian knots in their countries; such as high rate of unemployment and corruption. Furthermore, children will have people they can look up to. For children to grow up to be meaningful people in the society, they should have good role models. Some of the traits children can emulate from superheroes include: boldness, discipline, and acquiescence. Superheroes who possess powers to heal, can s...
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