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The Effects of Social Media in Morality (Essay Sample)


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Effects Of Social Media On Morals values
Social media are computer-made technologies that help share ideas, thoughts, and information through virtual networks and societies. This communication or sharing of information is made using mobile phones, websites, computers, and tablets with the software application. These platforms enable users to interact through liking, commenting, sending messages with other users. There has been a rise and advancement in the social media sector, rising the technology in the recent past. It has, in turn, affected users across all ages in both positive and negative ways. This chapter will discuss the impact of social media and its moral effects on society.
With technology today, people and most children are using social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Parents have expressed anxiety about the effects of social media on moral development as it could be hindering their growth. A report done to parents by researchers from Birmingham showed that fifteen percent think the popular social media has been positive. In comparison, forty percent were extremely concerned about the harmful impact on their children's social development. On the survey, the researchers pointed to forgiveness, self-control, honesty, fairness, and humility as the missing character traits missing on social media. However, they stated several strengths on moral development on youth as an appreciation of beauty, creativity, love, courage, and humor (Anioke et al. 113).
It is noted that in the recent past, parents want to see their children living a happy life; they do that by giving them access to social media by buying them mobile phones and computers. However, most children end up using most of their time on non-productive chats, which manipulate their culture and morals. Because parents spent less time with their children, the benefits of social media like online learning are limited than the negative morals they get from social media. Despite the positives and negatives elements, they can be always be absorbed to come through the interactions.
Higher learning institutions such as colleges and universities use social media platforms such as websites in their learning process. The use of Google to research and other search engines are the most ways which students use in their learning process. It has been evident due to the knowledge support gotten from websites. According to KAMONA and MWANANGOMBE 46, social media has helped maintain contacts with old friends and create new ones. It has also enabled communication among various contacts, bringing together messaging, email, web design, photo albums, and video downloading and uploading.
Students can post anything on the wall, and every other student can see it despite their location, making the planning of their work easier. Social media has also saved the cost of traveling to see friends and family. Students can get their assignments via messaging; after doing them, they send back the answers via email. This technology of social media has made learning activities easier for learners. The purchase of stationery has been reduced to a large extent due to the use of social media.
Social media as technology also has its shortcomings on learners. There has been a lot of time wastage recorded when using social media. Students spend a lot of time on research and watching websites. It has also made students lazy such that they cant handle some tasks on their own. It leaves them on social media as the only option to work on their learning. Time wasted on chatting instead of reading has also been noticed as a setback to learning systems. Social media does not filter information to the right people. In this case, you find it exposes content to the wrong audience, which has a huge impact (KAMONA and MWANANGOMBE).

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