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Analyzing the Concept of Fractured Fairy Tales (Essay Sample)


these were the instructions from the client
This will be an essay over the book Where the Girls Are by Susan J. Douglas
You can rely on the monograph exclusively, but you may wish to watch/listen to
some of the examples she describes so that you can provide your own
interpretations of the primary sources (films, shows, songs etc.) I have put some
tips for success below. The best papers will not agree wholeheartedly with
Douglass but will instead consider the sources that she uses in a new light.
Some tips for success:
Ensure you have a strong thesis in your introduction. You are not summarizing the
story for me, but rather providing your own argument about how the chapter
should be interpreted. I’m looking for critique and analysis. Is she correct in
interpreting this or is she taking it too far.
Integrate quotes into your paper, and make sure that you explain them.


Fractured Fairy Tales
Susan J. Douglas, in her book 'Where the Girls are,' focuses on the experience of growing up as a girl in the 1960s. In the late '50s, the Soviet Union had outranked the United States in all aspects of scientific and technical education. The Russians had no bias in women having empowered their women in all aspects of life; they had women engineers and doctors who thought they had lost their feminine touch while America lagged. America, therefore, embarked on projects that would ensure it prospers while still ensuring, "…our girls were going to stay feminine, but they were also going to roll up their sleeves and make America number one again” (22). It is this fairy tale she addresses in this chapter and how it got fractured.
Congress passed the National Defense Education Act of 1958, whose purpose was to ensure the American youth got the right education for both college and graduate students. It was for both the boys and girls. This move was essential in ensuring the American dream was attained-to be number one again. Girls were not being left alone either to ensure they would be at par with the Russian. Better still, the women would not lose their feminine touch.

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