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In Search of the True Self (Essay Sample)


The task was about reading the article “In search of the True Self,” and writing a 1-2 pages summary to answer the following questions.
1. What question is the author trying to answer?
2. How does the author answer the question?
3. How does the author defend the question?
4. A reflection on the author’s argument?
5. Do you find it suitable?
Additional instructions: Writing Style: MLA No of pages: 1-2 pages No of sources: 1Link:


In Search of the True Self
Mark Pierpont, an evangelical Preacher who is constantly committed to helping gay persons resist their homosexuality impulses, is described in the article. Initially, he would leave printouts at homosexual pubs, but as his ministry grew, he began travelling worldwide and speaking to enormous crowds. He had a difficult time hiding his feelings for guys because he was likewise gay (Knobe). Pierpont emphasized discovering the element that characterizes a person's genuine self in his endeavor to combat the homosexual vice. The ability to rationally reflect on life, according to most philosophers, determines an individual's true self. This argument claims that one cannot be essentially identified by their desires, whims, or fleeting feelings.
According to the author, a person's genuine self is revealed when they cease to consider their fundamental values (Knobe). Although one may have cravings for a specific drug, giving in to these desires does not reflect one's genuine nature. Interestingly, giving in to such desires is seen as a betrayal of oneself because it means giving up on who is more important to them (Knobe). The author emphasizes that determining a person's actual self is a complicated process that necessitates a decision about the types of lives worth living instead of making judgments from a single aspect of the subject's psyche. The author justifies the subject by performing a hypothesis test among those who identify as conservatives or liberals

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