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Explaining the Sources of Global Warming Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


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Explaining the Sources of Global Warming
Everyone can take proactive steps to mitigate global warming, which refers to the unusual increase in Earth's temperature. The subject divides scientists' opinions as they try to explain the source of the rapidly increasing heat on the planet. While some attribute the occurrence to inevitable processes, others blame human beings for failure to conserve the environment. The arguments often distract policymakers from focusing on preventive measures that could avert adverse effects, including food insecurity, drought, floods, and uncontrollable pests. Investigating the matter in depth will help decision-makers and consumers take appropriate actions and possibly change their perceptions. People offer different explanations, but global warming came from human-related activities, water vapor, and natural processes.
Global warming came from human-related activities that interfered with the atmosphere. Although the subject of climate change gained attention in recent times, researchers began investigating it as early as the 19th century. Scientists, who included Eunice Foote and Svante Arrhenius, separately studied the changing patterns in the Earth's temperatures. Their findings matched those of modern investigators who attribute the rising heat to human activities (Trenberth 463). Intensified farming, increased emissions of greenhouse gases (GHG), and poor waste management are some of the ways that human beings contributed to high temperatures. The same habits remain widely practiced in modern times despite their impacts. One can authoritatively conclude that global warming came mainly from human activities.

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