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The President and The Executive Branch Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


paper about:
President and the Executive Branch
• Reflect on the assigned readings and materials for the week
• Identify a recent (published within the past six months) news article, scholarly journal article, podcast, or other appropriate news media source, that relates to the week’s topics.
• Write a 1 page reflection paper on how at least one of the assigned readings relate to the recent published material.


The President and the Executive Branch
The President, who is the commander in chief of the armed forces and the head of state, heads the executive branch of the government. The primary responsibility of the President in the executive branch is to implement and enforce all the laws formulated by Congress, as described in Article II of the constitution. The President appoints the members of the cabinet, who are responsible for the day-to-day running of federal government administrative activities and heading the different departments (“The Executive Branch”). Since all power is vested in him, the President can approve or reject legislation into being laws, issue orders that are executive in nature, sign and negotiate treaties, and extend pardons for federal offences. Providing Congress with information concerning the State of the Union is the principal responsibility of the President as the executive head.

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