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Describe Julia and Winston in 1984 Literature & Language Essay (Essay Sample)


DESCRIBE Julia and Winston IN 1984


George Orwell's 1984
George Orwell’s 1984 is full of interesting characters. Some of those characters are Julia and Winston. Despite their huge difference in age, there are various things that bind them together. They make the literary work interesting in that the reader would wish to have an in-depth analysis and understanding of the characters. Julia and Winston are interested in each as far as love is concerned. They are also allies in the fight and struggle against Big Brother. Julia is a lady who represents the features that humanity encompasses and which Winston lacks. They include cunningness, the presence of pure sexuality, and struggle for survival. When Winston tries and can survive, Julia is used to surviving hence having no problems. She is also about to apply the use of any means possible to carry out the rebellion that is self-centered. She has the character of a stout follower of the party. However, beneath the surface is the character of an individual who has human desires that are unchecked and with a spirit that’s willful. This eventually leads to her eventual capture (Bloom 33).
Also, Winston is much inclined towards enjoying sex and being intimate. Julia is much inclined towards sleeping with Party members on a regular basis. This is however not based on her mission to fail the party but to fulfill her desires. This is, therefore, the basic difference between Julia and Winston. He is much inclined towards rebelling for the future generations more than it can be to his personal importance (Orwell 21).
Furthermore, Julia has developed the features of an intuitive and realistic individual than Winston. She gets around the party well, and this, therefore, makes her understand it better than him. Her ways of understanding the Party, however, are defiant. This is however before meeting Winston. Also, when Winston becomes very emotional on matters that regard the Party and its looming disintegration, Julia feels that he is merely fantasizing and does not have any feelings towards the party. She, therefore, decides to get busy by getting around the party, something that is very different with Winston who decides to strike the party directly.

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