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Origin of things Literature & Language Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


The origin of all things


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The Origin of All Things
There are different sects with varying views regarding the root of all things. The reason for choosing this category is that they seem to have different views about how the universe and everything on it came into being in all the twelve religions (Eickelman 602). The most interesting thing about believing in the root of all things in the universe is how all religions appear to believe in multiple origins. Yet, they exist entirely in the same world. It is fascinating to see that they are still expected to share the same universe, despite being so persuaded of a particular creator's superiority known to any other religion and even going to the point of despising and being against each other's beliefs. Religions will describe their supreme being to whom all their reverence is given. The Supreme Being is called a Deity in most religions, to whom all the believers give their gratitude and pay their allegiance. Judaism and the Shanti faith are some of the numerous religions.
All things are believed to come into being by a supreme creator called God in Judaism. The root of all things, both bad and evil, is He (Eickelman 602). God created all that exists from nothing, according to Judaism. Before anything else, he was alone in life. He is a transcendent Deity,

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