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First Aid in the Workplace (Essay Sample)


i would like you to Please paraphrase the attached essay. Please Make sure to have no similarities between the provided essay and the essay requested. My submission is going to go through a plagiarism check connected to the provided paper, so it is crucially important to make sure no similarities are found.

To: Ms. Kashack
From: Abdulaziz AlJneibi
Date: May 19, 2014
"First Aid in the Workplace: Code of Practice": A Technical Analysis
The purpose of this memo is to analyze the "First Aid in the Workplace: Code of Practice" technical document making use of the models of technical communication as proposed by Merkel. The aim of any good technical document dealing with aspects of communication is to impart knowledge to the document's user while also improving their knowledge and technical expertise on all matters communication. As noted by Markel (2000), technical communication documents describe all the processes involved in documenting or integrating information for a particular class of audience. The model of communication, as proposed by Markel, uses five divisions in accessing the usability of a technical communication document. These divisions are;
Target Specific Audience
The first aid document being analyzed in this memo is specific in that I only target people working or operating in federal or private establishments. This is mainly because the document authors concerned themselves with performing an evaluation of health requirements relating to the application or use of first aid in privates or federal establishments. The extent to which a technical document can be described as being comprehensive enough as regards the topic being analyzed is determined by the accuracy and readability of the document. The fact that the first aid document has been authenticated by agencies approved by and associated with the government goes a long way in enhancing its validity. The basic terms used in first aid are carefully described in the document and this, as noted by Safe Work Australia (6), is of help to beginners and those who are slow learners in that it helps them to grasp the concepts quickly. The authors of the technical document used people different and diverse institutions as secondary audiences while describing the basic first aid terms. Employees in government, public, or private institutions are bound to find the guide useful in that unlike other complicated and technical documents that tend to address professionals in their fields, this guide followed through by outlining each step in an easy to follow manner making use of sectional divisions.
Ability to Help Readers/Users` to Solve Problems
A document will be considered usable if it can help its users solve problems or find solutions. The first aid document made it easy for users to find solutions to specific problems by virtues of the fact that it is divided into sections with each section dealing with a particular real life scenario. For example, starting from section one, key terms relating to first aid are defined hence making it easier for the user to understand as they encounter them in the subsequent chapters. The second section explains the benefits of a typical first aid program within the context of an incident. The third section gave an overview of the required resources in the course of a treatment regimen involving first aid and the importance of each of the resources (Safe Work Australia 9). The fourth section dealt with determining the first aid requirements in the context of particular workplace scenario. It’s worth noting that different workplaces have different requirements as regards first aid. In all the sections, the descriptions given are precise, concise, and effective and broadly covers all the envisaged scenarios.
Reflection of an Organizations Culture and Goals
An excellent technical document should reflect not only an organization's culture but also its goals and values. Regarding the present document, the author’s intents and motive were pretty simple and straightforward. They aimed at exhorting individuals in the various workplaces in order to improve and also preserve lives by giving them technical tips on basic first aid skills. As noted by Markel (90), the authors, through their strategy of addressing each topic using unique subheadings succeeded in achieving the primary aims of any good technical communications document. As earlier noted, each section was precise and concise, with, for example, section two describing the location, size and composition of individuals in a given work environment.
Collaborative Production

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