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Five Choices You Will Regret Forever (Essay Sample)


was told to write an essay using Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article ‘5 Choices You’ll Regret Forever
I was to read the article and gain points that I would use to write the essay. was to talk about the 5 choices you'll regret forever. elaborate more on them and use my own word to ensure the information that was written in the article was fully copied into my essay according to my understanding of the article.


Five Choices You Will Regret Forever.
Dr. Travis Bradberry’s article ‘5 Choices You’ll Regret Forever’ speaks about the five choices that people often make in life that they come to regret in the long run. The writer is trying to show that the choices people make in life have a significant impact on their future and if those choices are poor decisions, then regret will be the result. The article provides insight into the five common choices that people tend to regret, such as putting off their personal growth, sacrificing their dreams for others, maintaining toxic relationships, neglecting their health, and settling for less in life.
The writer stresses the value of accepting responsibility for one's actions and the consequences they have on one's future. The quote by Stephen Covey reads, "I am not a product of my circumstances. I Am a Product of My Choices" is incredibly pertinent to the content. The implication is that people's identities are determined more by their choices in life than by their surroundings. This emphasizes how important it is to accept accountability for one's actions and choices. Recognizing that decisions made today have a

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