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Freedom of Press and Free Radio (Essay Sample)


INSTRUCTIONS: Choose ONE of the following THREE questions below and write an essay of approximately 1000 words with two to three body paragraphs in response to the questions. Please remember to use ONLY THE TEXTS ASKED FOR and to answer ALL PARTS OF THE QUESTION. Please be sure to CLEARLY LABEL which question you have chosen.
BEFORE YOU SUBMIT YOUR ESSAY: Check to see if you have all of the quotations asked for in the essay question and that you have all the necessary citations. A WORKS CITED LIST IS REQUIRED FOR THIS ESSAY
When you are finished your essay, submit it to Moodle by no later than MIDNIGHT Saturday December 7th


This Week Reading Analysis
Review and Analysis
“We demand complete freedom of opinion and expression, freedom of the Press and a free Radio, as well as a new daily newspaper of large circulation for the MEFESZ [League of Hungarian University and College Student Associations] organization”. This sentence reveals an important insight about the week’s topics given that it focuses on the element of human rights such a freedom of expression which is significant part of this week’s topic. It is important to note that Freedom of expression refers to the right to freely express one's own opinions and ideas using all available methods of communication. However, the dissemination of ideas should not deliberately harm other characters or positions by making false or ambiguous statements.[Union, Soviet, Nikita Khrushchev, and Imre Nagy. "Hungarian Revolution of 1956."] [Krushchev, Nikita S. "Secret Speech to the Closed Session of the Twentieth Party Congress, February 25, 1956." Internet Modern History Sourcebook (1997).]
This week’s reading is important part of the course as they outline in detail the significance of human rights and revolution in the specific countries. The key theme in the readings is human rights which resulted in mass revolution in Hungary. According to Krushchev, the oppressions witnessed during the Starlin era prompted people to take mass action and fight for their rights. Similarly, the need for good governance and economic reforms prompted the people of Hungary to take arms with the aim if improving the general living standards as well as their welfare; “We demand the re-organization of the entire economic life of Hungary, with the assistance of specialists NOTEREF _Ref88735426 \f \h \* MERGEFORMAT 1” Therefore, the most dominant themes are human rights and hu

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