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Genre Analysis for Letters (Essay Sample)

this task was written in reference to the solutions offered to the US government on how to deal with the great recession. source..
Surname Tutor Course Date Genre Analysis for Letters The letters to the editor are basically arguments about the great recessions that have and hit the United States of America. They portray the writer’s opinion on the crisis and offer different solutions as to how the U.S government can deal with the situations. In reference to the letters, the writers give the government and the general public information on what should have been done or what actions they could have taken to prevent the effects of the great recessions that happened in the past and the one currently facing them. John Reeder’s letter is a response genre type of letter aiming to set the record straight as it shows that the government ought to do more than what it is doing currently. Diane Runyan Bech’s letter is factual genre letter which gives us facts on what is happening and what happened in the past. Hellen P. O’Reilly’s letter to the editor is also a response genre letter in response to what Mr. Brooks had said or assumed. As it can be seen, the letters are addressed to the editor of the New York Times magazine aimed at addressing similar issues and targeting various people. John Reeder’s letter to the editor outlines the various facts of the workforce’s sustainability by stating how the private sector cannot be able to sustain it. The letter informs the United States government to do something to cushion its citizens. Diane’s letter is meant to reach out to all the citizens of the great nation of America since it talks of how the G-7 nations are coping with the recession and yet there are fewer retrenchment...
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