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Guan Yu Captures General Pang De Research Assignment (Essay Sample)


Gardner's Art through the Ages.

Guan Yu captures general Pang De
The painting Guan Yu captures general pang de by Shang Xi is the center of focus for the discussion. Guan was a great general In the Wei dynasty as well as a fictional character and hero in the novel. The painting thus depicts general Pang De a captive being presented by Guan Yu. GUAN Yu‘s character is that of a military officer loyal to his emperor whom he presents the captive to. The painting presents an episode of morals and valor which were core components of the neo classical age. The techniques used by painter are unique in nature as he uses perspective as a major tool. Guan Yu is appeared to be differently larger than his subordinates thus laying major focus on him as the main character of the painting as well as presents him as a powerful and mighty general. The use of color in the painting is incredible especially the use of contrast between the characters and the landscape despite the 1430 0rigin.
The quality and content of the piece of art then pose two major questions. The first question being what was the purpose of art in the 14th century when the painting was made? Second question being what were the effects of the renaissance age on the artist pieces, did the age improve the quality and the use of different components and change the concept and final appearance of the pieces created at the time. To understand and indeed answer the two major questions represented by the painting a thesis has been developed. The thesis then, in turn, creates the basis for the arguments. Thus the most appropriate thesis for this particular discussion would be that indeed the 14th century was a turning point for art. Questions in regards to what the author was hoping to attain with the painting are considered as the basis of any analysis made of art pieces.
There are different theories relating to the purpose of art different philosophers over the ages have come up with different perceptions of what the purpose of art is. According to Yaacov Agam art the main aim of art is to illustrate visibility as a possibility in the becoming state of being perpetual. According to Jean Anouilh, the purpose of art is to give life to shapes. Aristotle is noted to have states that the aim of art is to represent the inward significance of things rather than the appearance (Williams 2012).
When one views the painting of the capture of General Pang, one needs to consider a number of things. One why was the painting made and secondly did the painting meet its purpose. We may not be able to get know the real intentions of Shang Xi, but we can assume a number of reasons. The painting is a representation of an event. The prisoner of high value is presented to the emperor by his most loyal general.
The element of war is represented as the general Pang is a prisoner of war. The second element is one of loyalty and dedication to a king/ emperor. The Guan Yu presents the captive with the aim of getting favor from his emperor as well as a show of loyalty. The painter can also be assumed that he made the painting in order to preserve history. For example, the characters of the painting are fictional as they hail from a Chinese folk lore. Despite the characters being fictional they may have been created in order to tell a story. The painting would further have been used to tell of history events that occurred in the 14th century or the situation of China at one particular point in time.
The piece includes the following content namely the characters. The emperor, soldiers, general Pang and Guan Yu. One can tell the characters roles through the use of size and color of dressing. The emperor is the largest figure in the piece followed by Guan who is at his side. The general is on lower ground, and his image is smaller than that of the emperor and Guan. The soldiers are averagely sized and do not seem to add much value to the story and may be considered to be simple "props."
The color used in the figures is different the emperor is most colorful as he is presented as a flamboyant character in the piece. Guan is more colorful than the soldiers and the prisoner thus representing his closeness to the Emperor in terms of power, loyalty, and perception. The layout and background of the piece are simple yet attractive. One can tell that they were outdoor and the tree confirms that theory. All in all, one can conclude that indeed the painting had significance to the Chinese people.
The painting presents Chinese culture and war through the use of folklore characters. The painting can then be concluded to have the purpose of preserving Chinese history and culture. The preservation of culture and history is often a major purpose of art and it is aligned to Aristotle's perception of the purpose of art as not being just simple visual objects but the objects having greater significance (Williams 2012).
The age of Renaissance started in Italy in the early 14th century and eventually spreading to different parts of Europe and Asia. The age is well known for the great impact it had on the development and change in perception in regards to law, science, architecture and art. The effects of the renaissance are considered to so far reaching that they affected the whole concept of humanity(what were the impacts of renaissance on art).
The human perception that was considered to be limited was broadened by multiple theories by the early age philosophers. The scholars of the period are considered to have very little or no value at all for the religious and medieval ages. There focus was to lie on the concept of the current life and not the future of human life and aimed at creating a better present. It is important to understand that art was not fully appreciated in the religious and medieval ages and was at times considered to be a vice. The renaissance age changed the whole perception of art and presented the beauty and potential that the concept brings.
The education system was greatly improved in the Renaissance period thus increasing the dissemination of information. Technologies and techniques used by Italians, known for their rich artistic culture, were taught. The difference of the paintings and other pieces of work created before the period and after the period is visible. For example,, in the past ages the pieces were basically in two colors black and white. The use of chalk and coal was common in the early ages(what were the impacts of a renaissance on art).
The Renaissance period dared the artists to explore multiple techniques. As the minds of the artists where presented to the freedom of thought and perception so did, the techniques evolve? Artists tried new things as they became bolder in the age. The use of color once hindered became common. The designs started to change in concept. The motives and purpose of art changing by the day.
In the painting, Guan Yu captures general Pang Yu (1430) one is unable to ignore the amazing techniques used by the author. The artist is seen to use bold colors something that had started becoming common in the art world as a result of the new ideas advocated for by the renaissance age.Shang Xi was an imperial court painter and was tasked with making paintings suitable for royalty. The painter was a professional in his line of work. Despite there not being evidence that the painter was exposed to the Italians and the renaissance age. His paintings present similarities that cannot be ignored(what were the impacts of the renaissance on art).
The bold use of color is one major common characteristic style that was used in the Renaissance age. Despite China being far away from Europe, there is a high possibility that the Chinese painter got his ideas from interacting with other artist’s works that had been influenced by the renaissance ...
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