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How People's Lives Crash from Crash (Essay Sample)


This was a thematic analysis of a movie.
As stipulated by the provided instructions and rubrics of the paper, i was required to watch the movie and conduct a thematic analysis in what the tutor regarded as Experiential Learning.
After explaining the plot and giving a summarized background of the assigned film, i resorted to explaining the predominant themes identified in the movie as was anchored in my thesis statement.


How People's Lives Crash from Crash

Paul Haggis's Crash [2004] is a powerful film with an allegoric in-depth. While from a simplistic lens, the film captures the stories of several individuals from diverse backgrounds, ethnic, and racial orientations; in retrospect, it is a window to witness and appreciate sociocultural complexes and thematic issues, spanning racism, genderism, and sexuality in societies. Amidst many things, viewers can learn the value of humanness in people and how people's lives crash from Crash, as the name suggests.
Racism is a predominant theme in the film at the epicenter of its allegory. One learns from the movie that race is a multidimensional social construct – people build a sense of racism from stereotypes, ideations, and values that society has defined and assigned to other individuals or ethnic demography. For instance, the Los Angeles District Attorney's wife, Jean, has the racial assumption that all Mexicans have gang friends. Jean, played by Sandra Bullock, insists that she wants the locks changed but prefers a different Locksmith and not the Mexican because he will give the keys to their house to his gang friends (Crash 35:16-37:10).

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