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A Feedback On The Idea Of Scottish Loch Ness Monster Existence (Essay Sample)


The paper was written in JulyAugust. The task was to analyze two sources about monsters and provide a feedback on them. There were no detailed comments from the customer. I have chosen the topic of the Loch Ness Monster and, as a result, received a good feedback from the customer and some tips. Mla was the preferred style.

Student’s Name Instructor’s Name Course Date Synthesis Essay Over a great period, people have shown great interest regarding the idea of Scottish Loch Ness Monster existence. While specialists conduct a lot of the researches in this field of interest, few to now proofs remain whether the lake beast subsists. Among the factors bringing controversial results are the false testimonies, advertising aims, geographical structure of Scotland and specifically its Highlands. Although researchers use sonars and other technologies, they are not able to give distinctive answers as to the Nessie theory. People’s fears and mythological beliefs also bring misunderstanding. Therefore, at present, it is impossible to clearly state the Loch Ness Monster really exists. When stories about the Loch Ness Monster appear in mass media, one should apply logic to analyze the data and motives which people use to prove the existence of the mentioned creature. According to Bauer, eyewitnesses of the beast subsistence mostly cannot be helpful for science but are serious facts to consider because independent observers and policemen collect them and propose to the public (234). The people who claimed they have seen the creature had similar testimonies describing Nessie’s color of skin and body proportions. Nevertheless, as Bauer states, the witnesses, for example sometimes could not distinguish whether they saw a boat or a real animal (234). Meanwhile, Moir explains these testimonies possess mostly one aim of attracting tourists to the Highlands of Scotland. Keeping in mind most individuals who hunt for the evidence of the beast existence are not scientists one cannot trust their words. Moreover, one of the reasons they involve themselves into the searches is to attract public’s attention. Therefore, although eyewitnesses can be helpful to investigate whether the Loch Ness Monster exists, most of them are not professionals or possess wrong motives. Further, it is needful to look at the current investigation results from the scientific perspective. Bauer argues about a large amount of data proving the water monster really exists. As an example, the author proposes to consider the growing interest to Nessie beginning from 1930 and the appearance of the Dinsdale’s film shot in 1961 (Bauer 226). Bauer notes several details prove the object in the mentioned film is very likely to be something different from a boat: supporters of the Nessie’s existence claim a boat leaves bow-waves and trails that its propeller leaves, while the captured object in the film leaves only the bow-waves (229). However, according to Moir, after the film release a book which offered a portion of skepticism concerning this issue and stating the creature everyone claimed to have been the Loch Ness Monster was just a hoax or some other animal appeared (17). While the Dinsdale’s recorded visual material is the most popular testimony helping to doubt the skeptic views of its observers, there is still a lack of undoubtable scientific support, serious proofs and the absence of dualistic variations of its interpretation. Still, there have been even more attempts to prove the existence of Nessie and this time it acquired a form of sonar scans. As Bauer notes, sonar is a technology which find objects in the water collecting the echoes of the sound waves which these objects produce (230). Nevertheless, the mentioned technology cannot give proper results when somebody needs to find out the objects shape and size; what is more, it does not work effectively with the fact-moving objects (Bauer 230). The author claims that in 1968 engineers used sonar and detected something large moving rapidly upwards and backwards (Bauer 230). Moreover, researchers made similar expeditions in the next few years and collected alike results. Moir has his own interpretation of the mentioned research. As the author claims, underwater currents also known as seiche may be the reason people misinterpret the collected data (Moir 15). The mentioned suggestion sounds reasonable since sound echoes are more likely to be underwater streams. Therefore, as long as one does not prove the opposite, the theory with the Loch Ness Monster producing sound waves which could state its existence is quite doubtful. When considering the phenomenon of the Loch Ness Monster, it is necessary to note other factors which contribute to its promotion among which are the mythological roots of the problem. It is common knowledge people always tend to dream up everything lacking some convictions with their own assumptions. Oftentimes, in certain life situations, fear interferes into people’s observations and feelings, distorting reality. According to Moir, people’s beliefs in the dinosaur-like beasts arise from the conviction nature can still overcome time and that beasts from the ancient period are capable to continue living up to this day (15). These thoughts have deep roots in the human archetypes of good and evil, and eyewitnesses, often distorted or held with a wrong intention, are contributing to this notion. If to consider whether the Loch Ness beast could exist, even when people reasoned about it a long time ago, it is almost impossible for some creature to exist in a limited space for centuries. Moreover, though all that time, nobody actually witnessed the existence of Nessie in a full range and undoubtedly accepted by other humans. Furthermore, even if such a creature existed, it had to spawn with the alike animals to give future population, which people would have noticed lon...
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