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My Experience in Taking English Composition (Essay Sample)


i want you to write your experience in taking Composition 1 class as you were me. Write about these three points: 1) the advantages of this class. 2) the benefits of working with my classmates. 3) some advises for the instructor to make the class exciting and interesting. There must be an introduction, three bodies, and a conclusion. Note: please keep the paper simple, clear, and easy to understand. do not forget to write as you are me. ( Two Full pages at least) thanks

My Experience in Taking English Composition 1 Class
Composition 1 class provides foundational course that focuses of primary composition skills, covering grammar and cohesive sentence structure. The students learn to develop critical thinking by using prewriting skills such as brainstorming. Students learn step by step method of writing short essays from different genre. Taking composition 1 classes is helpful in learning how to steer to college level writing expectations. Learning in this class has enabled me to work in a team and I advice the instructors to make the classes exciting and interesting. Composition 1 class is helpful in writing coherent papers and improving student’s cooperation and the instructors have a chance to make the classes exciting.
Advantages of composition 1 class
Taking composition 1 class was helpful in writing successful papers. The class helped me to translate the spoken English into writing. Having written several compositions in class and getting instructions from the teacher, I was able to help my brother write a good job application letter. It sharpened my writing skills such that I can write more pages in a short time. I can now organize my ideas in and write an essay with coherent sentence flow. Secondly, I learnt how to write proper grammar and structure my sentences. For example, I learnt that the first sentence in a paragraph should have the theme of what the rest of the sentences will be discussing. Again, long sentences are not always good. Instead, short but clear sentences are more preferred because they are easily understood. Thirdly, I learned to think and express the ideas in a clear and systematic way. Am ...
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