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Confucius, Analects, 1.1 (Essay Sample)

<p>Project description To learn something and then to put it into practice at the right time: is this not a joy? Confucius, Analects, 1.1 This week our readings come from various cultures but all focus on how to live the moral life. They are thus \"didactic\" readings, that is, readings designed to teach a lesson. Using references to at least three of the readings, explain several of the guidelines that are presented for living a moral life. Discuss what you find surprising or challenging about these guidelines, especially in how they might present a new way of looking at the right thing to do for you. For instance, if you were not raised with Confucius\' teaching, you might be surprised by the guidelines about changing society through modeling \"gentlemanly\" behavior. Our discussion is not focused on the religious faith itself that is seen in some of the readings. We\'re looking specifically at the themes of the literary works, and these themes deal with how to live a virtuous life. sources: The Norton Anthology of World Literature. Shorter 3rd ed.</p> source..
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Confucius Analects
To learn something and then to put it into practice at the right time: is this not a joy?
Learning something and putting it into practice at the right time calls for celebrating. It is always a great joy after seeing what one has accomplished. According to Confucius, it is impossible to become virtues without learning more which implies that we should learn more followed with actions. (Smith, 1973)
Confucius advocated for people living a moral life. In accordance with filial petty, one has to lead an ethical life by treating owns parents as one would treat his or her pet. They are to be treated with a lot of care, love respect and above all feed them accordingly. He advocated for a self sincerity and acquisition of wisdom. (D. Chan, 2011) A moral life is by being knowledgeable and in return help eliminate the ills of the society. A sincere person can move others since the completion of himself shows his perfect virtual.
Good morals are accompanied by righteousness. This is to ensure just in the soci...
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