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Scarface Movie Critique (Essay Sample)

I would like you to pick a famous movie in US to write about it criticism paper. I want you to include three main points; 1) tell what is the story of the movie. 2) Evaluate the deriction and the action, how well the actors and the director did. 3) write about if you like the movie or not and why. this paper must be organized; there must be an introduction, three bodies and a conclusion. Note: please keep this work clear and easy to understand. i do not want any complication in this paper. ( two full papers at least) source..
Name: Institution: Instructor: Date: Scarface Movie Critique Scarface movie (1983) directed by Brian De Palma, written by Oliver Stone and produced by Martin Begman presents a chronicle of crimes followed by betrayal and loss (Seeker). Two friends and business partners, Tony and Manny are jailed for political activism. The quest for much gain from the business pushes Tony to kill major drug lord so that he can take his place. The movie ends with violence and desperation. Scarface movie is not pleasant to watch because it consist of war and murder scenes. The director has used vivid graphics to deliver his message. Scarface movie is an account of drug abuse and its relation to violence. The movie opens up with Tony Montana (Al Pancino) and Manny Ribera (Steven Bauer) who are Cuban refugees for Florida, incarcerated for political activism. In the jail, Manny makes friendship with Omar Suarez (F Murray Abraham) who later asks Manny to kill a man in jail for a pay. Soon after the jail term, Montana and Manny meets Suarez who suggests that they should sell marijuana drugs. Tony, a principled man wants a higher paying job than marijuana sale hence he opts to sell cocaine with Manny (Seeker). Manny, a great womanizer complicates Tony dealings forcing Tony to terminate the contract with violence. Tony moves to meet Frank Lopez, Suarez’s boss who is a major drug lord. He is jealous of Lopez earnings from the business and plots to kill him before taking his wife Elvira (Michelle Pfeiffer). After the murder of Lopez, Tony is employed by Sosa, a former associate with Lopez and begins to make huge amounts of money...
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