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Affirmative Action (Essay Sample)

The paper discuss the affirmative actions, how it has affected American,and the solution that can be used to prevent it. source..
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Lifting fellow Americans: disadvantages of affirmative action and proposed solution
Affirmative action is a born of the civic rights around three decades ago that called for empowerment of the minorities and women in America. The idea was to improve the living standard of the minorities and to give them employment, education and to give them contracting decision in terms various areas in their lives. Besides this being done it has been many challenges in to achieve the goals that were set by policies of the affirmation action.
For example it is very difficult for qualified minority to be recruited for a job than for a white. As stated earlier the Civil Right Act of 1964 was passed and the act outlawed discrimination that was based on race, ethnicity and or gender and it is noted that since that time affirmative action has been a controversial issue in America. Past discrimination is still persistence and the political power of the minority remains a challenge to many Americans. On the contrary: Affirmative Action is far from perfect reason being it is a compromise and it does not please everybody in America.
Affirmative Action as the reverse of discrimination
It is depicted that affirmative Action uses the reverse discrimination to solve discrimination. This has promoted the hiring of less skilled workers since the employers have to choose from the best available employers based from the minorities instead of getting the best employer from the available employers. This bothers both the employers and the employees who do not fit in the Affirmative Action. This has affected the economy growth for the Americans.
There are no role models in today's soci...
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